12:13 visualgraphc:

Please, don’t be a dick

inkbomb said: ??????????

my canon is a really old model that can’t handle any motion picture, but i found this software that turns my computer into a remote recording device (as my canon is connected to my comp). it’s strange and not totally convenient, but my lil canon could never do such!

20:23 oh man. i’ve been playing around and I just found a way to shoot movies with my old canon… through computer… it’s weird and great
Anonymous: hey, how are you doing these days?

just floatin’ along


Blow by Beyoncé
10:58 emluna:

Me n marrsy on film, miss ya girl

aw I remember this!

just got kicked out of a bar in miami coz they found out I’m underage but it’s okay coz I’m already drunk

Ian had to chug all our leftover drinks

we’re at an Italian bar now and they just served me a long island

I think im winning



My dads been watering a fake plant for over a year

David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)